How to Build Amazing Shipping Container Homes?

“Who Else Wants Simple Step-By-Step Plans To Design And Build Shipping Container Homes From Scratch?”

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When it comes to building a home from a shipping container there are many things you must consider. You’ve probably already searched various websites for guidance however many of the other Online guides miss out several very important steps.

You see, safety is a huge factor when building a container home. I mean, you’re probably going to have friends and family living in your container at some point!

And that’s why you need to follow a guide you can trust. Not some dodgy You Tube video.

Professional container builder for 14 years reveals his secrets and teaches you:

  • How to build a beautifully designed home using shipping containers.
  • What costly mistakes you must avoid so your shipping container homes project doesn’t collapse like a house of cards!
  • The fastest way to get your project complete and livable.
  • Where money can be saved and where you need to invest those savings for the best results.
  • The cheapest way to build shipping container homes from start to finish.

Hello my friend,

I’m a professional builder and have been using shipping containers in many various projects over the last 14 years. I’m also a designer, I can help you visualize an amazing container home that’s also easy to build. Function and brilliant design are my main goals when taking on a new project.

“There Are Many Benefits
To Shipping Container Homes”

I noticed about 5 years ago the interest in shipping container homes sky rocketed. This is because people a realizing the huge benefits to this method:

And finally after many years of experience, I have created a simple to follow DIY guide to building a container home.

  •    Afford-ability. Building a container home is extremely cost effective. If you’ve already looked into the cost of new or second hand container you obviously know what I mean.
  •     Design. You can easily modify shipping container to create a modern sleek look.
  •     Strength. Shipping containers are build extremely strong with few weak points making them a great starting point.
  •     Time. Because the majority of the home is already built you can have a complete home built in record time.
  •     Unique. Even though container homes are on the rise they are still unique and will stand out from every other home.
  •    Green. Recycling an old shipping container and using it to build with is a great green idea and many other will see the important example you’re setting.
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Now it’s time for me to bring your dream to reality. After all this time in the building industry I’ve been asked countless times to help others build their own shipping container homes. I’ve always been worried about others doing work like this but after helping a few people I knew it was something I loved to do. visit here.